Amazon is working on a device which can track human emotions: Reports

A recent report has confirmed that Amazon is currently working on a wearable device that will be capable of tracking the human emotions along with the health and fitness of the wearer.

Regarding the development of the wearable device, Amazon is currently working with its partner Lab126, which is the same company which was behind the development of Amazon’s Echo speaker range along with Amazon. Our sources have reported that once developed, the device, which will be equipped with microphones and AI will determine and track the emotional state of the wearer.

Amazon, in one of the statements, mentioned that the device which is in the development phase would work by the tone of voice of the user. Besides tracking emotions and health, the device will also provide products recommendations and advice on how a wearer could better interact with people, said Amazon.

Though one thing is confirmed that Amazon is currently working on the product, there are no reports whether it will be released in the market for general use. Neither are there any reports regarding the release date of the device in the US.

Amazon conducts research and works on a variety of different models, but there is no guarantee that which of those would be released in the market and which of those will not.

Amazon also shared with the leading news channels some inner details of the project and revealed that Dylan is the code name of the project, and the project is now in beta testing. The best part about the project is that Amazon is planning to use the knowledge gained by the AI to use it in favor of the health situations of the users.

Though we have no reports regarding how the microphones and AI will be together used to track down emotions with a device, one thing is sure that if it works than the product will be a game changer in the market.

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