Dealing with Money Disagreements in a Relationship

Couples often find themselves disagreeing about money. Discussing finances can be a very stressful experience, especially nowadays when living costs are high and interest rates are on the rise. It doesn't matter if it's about saving, spending, or not wanting to talk about money at all – the thought of talking about money can be daunting.[0] Discussing money can be a delicate subject, even with one's partner. Recently, you and your partner have been at odds regarding the same financial matters, and you are uncertain as to how to resolve them.[1]

GOBankingRates conducted a survey which revealed that approximately 19% of adults aged 18 and above in America admitted to having occasional arguments with their significant other about finances, with 13% reporting that these disputes over money occur frequently.[2] Finding a mutually agreeable solution to the problem before it escalates is essential.[1]

Money is often a big issue between couples, especially when it comes to deciding on a budget and how to allocate finances, according to Jake Hill, CEO of DebtHammer. Disagreements often occur due to conflicting beliefs or perspectives about what is worth investing money in.[3] Unfortunately, money is a common source of arguments between couples and can lead to secret-keeping and even financial infidelity.

To start these difficult conversations, young couples should create a plan that reflects their shared goals while also providing space for individual needs and preferences.[3] It’s important to discuss each other’s perspectives on money openly and honestly in order to build trust and prevent further conflict. Couples should also consider establishing a joint account for shared expenses and make sure both parties are insured.[4]

Millennials are most likely to discuss finances with their partner regularly, according to a survey from Stackin.[5] However, money is generally a touchy issue in relationships, so it’s important to look out for financial red flags in a partner. Stackin also provides users with guidance, tools, and know-how to bring their financial well-being into the modern age by empowering them to take actionable steps toward the life they’ve always dreamed of and to be in control of their money.[2]

Despite the stress and arguments that come with talking about money, it’s important to have these conversations in order to build trust and stability in a relationship. A 2019 University of Arizona study uncovered that couples who handle their finances together experience greater relationship quality and stability.[6]

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