Talking Money Before Marriage: The Key to Marital Money Success

When couples decide to take the next step and get married, it’s important to discuss money to ensure marital money success. According to Amy Maliga, financial educator with Take Charge America, a nonprofit credit counseling and debt management agency, “Navigating money issues when you’re single is completely different than when you’re married. That’s why it’s important to talk money before your big day to better understand each other and how you can find marital money success.”

To prepare for the financial aspects of marriage, couples should have a conversation about their financial goals, priorities, and dreams. They should also discuss their individual and combined debts, and whether or not they will combine their finances into joint accounts. Couples might want to consider sharing a credit card, which 62% of married couples do according to a survey by The Ascent.[0]

It’s important for couples to be open and honest about their finances to ensure they can both contribute to their shared expenses. Having the money talk can help couples better understand each other and set up a successful financial future.

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