What gold coins are tax exempt?

Gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion items are NOT subject to sales tax as they are VAT exempt when shipped to an Alabama address. The state of Alabama requires that a flat 8% simplified seller use tax be imposed on some products sold by BGASC and delivered to an Alabama address. These taxes must be levied on copper products, certain bullion items less than. All other products sold by BGASC are exempt from these taxes.

Unmonetized bullion means gold or silver that has been melted or refined and whose value depends primarily on its gold or silver content and not on its shape. These taxes must be levied on all coins that have a gold or silver content but are not recognized as a medium of exchange for payment of debts and taxes; all coins or bullion made of platinum, palladium or copper; all gold bullion products made of gold or silver, if these gold bars are not of weight and purity, accessories and processed items. Effective September 28, 1983, the monetized gold medallion includes gold medallions struck under the supervision of the American Arts Gold Medallion Act (Title IV of Public Law 95-630). Investors often perceive the high cost of owning gold as trader premiums and storage fees for physical gold, or management fees and trading costs for gold funds.

The United States Gold Bureau, principals and agents do not warrant to customers that they will make a profit or guarantee that losses will not arise from following recommendations to collect coins or liquidate coins purchased from the United States Gold Bureau.