Where should a retired person put their money?

You can combine these investments and adjust them to suit your income needs and risk tolerance, instant fixed pensions. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) The challenge with low-risk investments is that rising inflation can eat up their value over time. To counteract this, consider investing your money in inflation-protected government bonds (TIPS). These are government bonds that reflect the rise and fall of inflation.

Not only are they a safe investment, but they also help you diversify your future retirement income. If you're lucky, you'll have multiple sources of income when you retire. This may include a pension from a former employer, income from your retirement accounts and other investments, social security benefits, and possibly a paycheck from part-time or full-time work. Aside from any decisions you'll need to make to claim your investments for income, you should also keep an eye on how your money is invested and possibly make some changes.

You can transfer money from one investment to another within an IRA or other qualifying retirement account without triggering any tax liability. Based on your income requirements, you can focus your retirement provision on yield-producing investments on the fixed-income market, dividend-producing investments in the stock or alternative market, or income-generating investments on the insurance market, says Cast.