Why is gold not a good investment?

Physical gold yields tend to be poor. For example, if you buy gold jewelry, you may not earn as much by selling it as you paid when you bought it. Storing physical gold safely can be difficult as it is prone to theft. Physical gold will never be a passive, steady source of income.

However, there is no guarantee that the value of gold will go up. And stocks and bonds are generally considered better retirement savings, as they have outpaced the price increase of gold in the long run in the past. But gold can be a safe investment if the economic outlook isn't good, says Cramer. Dollar could no longer be converted into gold since President Richard Nixon used this practice in 1971.1 Earlier, people bought gold bars to diversify their investment portfolio and provide them with protection from inflation.

So if you decide to invest in gold and think you're “one of the smart ones when the dollar tanks,” you might have just flushed your money down the toilet. Physical gold jewelry, coins and bars offer investors the opportunity to pass on their assets as an inheritance as an alternative to holding gold stocks. If you're determined to invest in gold but want to avoid these higher interest rates, consider stocks of gold mining companies. Investing in gold is typically seen as a hedge against inflation, as it retains its value while the purchasing power of fiat currencies wanes.

You can trade gold prices directly or get involved in the market by investing in stocks of gold mining companies. It's important that you do your own research to see if gold is a good fit for your investment portfolio. In times of uncertainty, people run out of the false assumption that it will be a safe investment to gold. There are several ways that traders can invest in gold, depending on how you approach your portfolio.

And some people still do that, but instead of burying gold bars in their backyard, they buy stocks or mutual funds that invest in gold. As an investment, gold will not offer the same returns as stocks, but may offer some relief from rising inflation, says Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money and Investing Club. Falling global stock and bond market prices added to the sparkle of gold for investors looking for a way to preserve their capital during the increasing turmoil in financial markets. If you want to invest in gold as a long-term portfolio hedge, you can use stocks from holding companies to keep a position open for years or even decades.

Many investors choose to hold around 5 to 10% of the value of their portfolio in the form of gold, be it physical bars and coins or instruments such as ETFs, to diversify their holdings and hedge against stock and bond value plummets. One of the benefits of investing in gold as a hedge against inflation and stock market volatility is that you can own the physical metal. Just like holding a dollar bill in your hand, you have the security of actually having your investment in hand (or stuffed into your locker) in the form of gold or silver coins.